2007_07_6days.JPGHuzzah! This year's $59 billion budget included more library hours so libraries across all five boroughs could be open six days a week (instead of just five) and the budget went into effect on July 1. Which means city lawmakers were celebrating the news at various branches recently.

The Daily News reports City Council Speaker Christine Quinn as saying, "There is never a doubt in our mind that when we give money to libraries, it is money well spent." The Library Journal says the new library funding also restores hours and services to pre-September 11 levels; this also means that the libraries will be hiring more librarians and other staffers.

Here are operating hours for libraries in:
- Brooklyn
- Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island
- Queens

You've probably seen the Librarian Action Figure, who comes with controversy. Just the other week, librarians were getting nods for being cool. The News also had this interesting stat: The average U.S. library is open for 47 hours a week and now the city average is 45 hours.