2008_10_macbc.jpgNepotism doesn't mix with library book picks, apparently! According to the NY Times, Brooklyn Tech High School librarian Robert Grandt paid a $500 and admitted to violated the city ethics code after promoting a graphic novel his daughter helped illustrate. Grandt, an educator for 39 years, called a manga version of Shakespeare's Macbeth a "Best New Book" pick in his newsletter and "Best Book Ever Written" in a library display of copies he donated. He said to the Times, "I’m supposed to, as part of my job, display new books and encourage the kids to read new books. So here, I displayed my daughter’s book and encouraged the kids to read it and am told that I had done something illegal.” He has since removed the book from the shelves. Next up for Brooklyn Tech kids: College, where they will be required to buy their college professors' books for courses.