Nina & Daniel Libeskind; Photo - NY PostWTC redesign architect Daniel Libeskind as well as wife Nina have renegotiated their fees with the Lower Manhattan Development Council, the Post reveals.

Daniel: Now billing $300 an hour, up from $275; 9% raise.
Nina: Now billing $250, up from $225; 11% raise.

The Post also says the new LMDC/PA contract "which will result in a fully detailed master plan for the WTC by the end of the year" is worth "just over $3 million" and "includes $700,000 for a variety of consultants and $350,000 in expenses. It sets aside $1.9 million to pay the salaries of Libeskind and his staff. The contract estimates Daniel Libeskind's income for the remaining site-plan work at $93,600. Nina's income totals $78,000."

Part of the raise was due to NY's higher cost of living, versus Berlin where Studio Daniel Libeskind was located before the Libeskinds moved themselves and the world headquarters here to work on the WTC redesign.

Developer Larry Silverstein will be paying new architect David Childs himself, so no word on his financial deal. But Gothamist is sure it's pretty sweet, aside from his master plan to rule the West Side of New York [via].

In related news, the LMDC received over 5,200 submissions for the WTC memorial. The $25 submission helped raise $130,000 for the existing $600,000 for the memorial's cost.