David Childs, Daniel Libeskind, and Larry Silverstein, yukking it up; Photo - Newsday

To try to convince the public that artistic vision and commercial viability can work, original WTC redesign architect Daniel Libeskind, developer Larry Silverstein, and new architect David Childs appeared at a press conference to stress harmony and collaboration. This comes after yesterday's news that in fact, Libeskind would step aside to let Childs essentially lead the project. The LMDC said the design would be built in "a manner consistent with the Libeskind vision." Those are but mere words...let's see what happens in the next two months, let alone two years (the time at which Governor "Hurry This Project Up 'Cause I Wanna Run For National Office" Pataki wants the steel to be up by 2006). Since Gothamist isn't as intimate with the new lead architect's various pecadilloes as we are with some others involved, we thought the Post's David Child profile was pretty good: For starters, we know he's "tormented."

Yesterday Gawker wondered if the men would be holding hands in the photo. Well, they are all buddy-buddy, arms around each other in this photo, maybe they held hands earlier. But, damn, either David Childs is really tall or Daniel Libeskind is really really short. And Larry Silverstein - scary.