No matter how homicidal your favorite sports team makes you, it is probably not a good idea to blast how relentlessly murderous you're feeling all over social media. One Long Island teen/rabid soccer fan learned that the hard way this week when he allegedly tweeted he was going to shoot someone if his team lost an upcoming game—and was subsequently arrested for making a terroristic threat.

19-year-old Bayside resident Mario Cernas, who, by the looks of his Twitter account, lives and breathes soccer, was apparently fairly engrossed by the Suffolk Class AA boys postseason playoffs; when his preferred team, Brentwood High School, lost to Smithtown West on Monday, he allegedly tweeted, "CI BETTER FUCKING WIN OR IM SHOOTING SOME ONE AT DOWLING." (CI stands for Central Islip, a high school soccer team set to play Smithtown West in the championship game at the Dowling College Sports Complex today).

The tweet caught the attention of the Suffolk County Police Department, and Cernas, who is not currently a high school student, was arrested at his home last night and is set to be charged with making a terroristic threat, which is a Class D felony. No weapons were recovered at Cernas's home, and officials say no threat currently exists, though they're treating the Tweet seriously. "People see it, people get threatened by it. It’s taken very seriously, it’s a very serious charge," Suffolk County Police Lt. Kevin Beyrer told CBS News. "This is a very stupid for him to say and a very stupid thing for him to post."

Meanwhile, as of 3:45 p.m., Cernas's tweet is still up on the Interwebs, where it has been favorited twice and retweeted 10 times. Please just stop, everyone.