While Jersey locals are voicing their opinions about unwanted tourists infiltrating their precious shorelines via bumper stickers, some Long Island residents are taking it to another level. According to the NY Post, homeowners in Wading River are filing a lawsuit in an effort to keep people off of what they believe is their private beach.

They claim the public has access from the water to the high tide mark, but people are creeping in to private property and allegedly leaving trash behind. One woman told the paper, "I've had family barbecues, and people walk up and join us. They set up tents. Last weekend, we had four tents and about 28 people. They left behind condoms, feces and toilet paper." Her husband, a former city fire lieutenant, said, "I don't have enough stress in my life I've got to have these knuckleheads on the beach."

According to the residents behind the suit, Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter is telling law enforcement not to enforce the law, but Walter claims that historically the area has been considered a public beach, and he's got old document to back it up. He said it was only recently that the homeowners "got it into their heads" that they have ownership of the beach. One of those homeowners even took to enforcing the law on his own, firing off a rifle to scare off the trespassers!