The Long Island woman suspected of torturing and killing about 20 dogs before burying them in her backyard forced her children to take part in her animal "concentration camp," according to her son. "It was a concentration camp for the animals," Doug McDonough, the eldest of suspect Sharon McDonough's seven children, told WCBS. "My sisters and me, we got the end of it, too." Doug — who tipped off the animal rescue TV show Rescue Ink, which in turn alerted the Suffolk County SPCA — told the Post that the abuse would begin shortly after his 43-year-old mother brought a pet into her Selden home. "She would buy the dog, treat it like it was the greatest dog in the world for a few days, then they would sit in the cage until she decided to kill them. It was a power trip."

In what the Suffolk County SPCA chief considers one of the worst cases of animal abuse that he has scene in 25 years, investigators have already unearthed the remains of almost two dozen dogs from the backyard, and discovered a shepherd mix, a beagle mix, an Italian greyhound, a cocker mix, a pug, and a cat living in deplorable conditions inside. Those pets are recovering and are up for adoption.

Neighbors whose pets have gone missing fear that the suspect — who according to the Post "began to act a little off" after her husband was killed in a car accident last year — might have stolen their animals. "It looked like a real murder scene, as if they were gonna pull out dead bodies out there," said one neighbor. "The smell was unbearable. They were taking bags out by the dozen. It was crazy."