A Long Island woman lost her $500 down payment, after learning that the hitman she’d hired to kill her husband was actually an undercover cop. Though Susan Williams wanted her husband gone, she worried she didn’t have the funds to pay for a full kill. According to DA Kathleen Rice, "Initially it was, 'I want him hurt,' then it became, 'I want him gone.'” But when she was offered a bargain price she gladly accepted. "When the $20,000 amount was thrown out" by the purported hit man, "she then made it clear what she wanted him to do," the DA said.

The 43-year-old mom ordered the hit after her husband failed to pay $11,000/month child support, saying he couldn’t afford it, reports Newsday. He claims she admitted to being unfaithful during their marriage, even sleeping with her boss (who she later accused of assault and forcing her to have deviant sex). But her lawyer says Williams’s ex-husband is “not a nice guy,” adding that "There's a long history of problems, physical and sexual."

For his part, the husband Peter Williams is just happy to be alive: "I am thankful that the person that my wife sought to help in hiring a hit man had the decency to contact the appropriate authorizes—otherwise I would probably be dead," he said.