Accidents will happen

, but not all accidents are actually accidents: a Long Island man is suing the fertility clinic which he claims his ex-girlfriend used to store his "stolen" sperm. Joseph Pressil, 36, says his ex Anetria Burnett used the stolen sperm to get herself pregnant after they broke up, and then sued him for child support. “A gold digger is an understatement. She was trying to get community property and alimony. She’s ruthless...This is more than a nightmare—it’s a horror story," Pressil told the Post.

According to ABC, Pressil says he and Burnett, an exotic dancer, only dated for six months when he was living in Texas in 2006. Pressil, a telecommunications manager, was surprised when she informed him she was pregnant with twins after they had broken up: “We always used condoms,” he noted. But when a DNA test proved he was definitely the father, Pressil said he began paying $800 a month in child support: “At first, I doubted [the children were mine], but I figured I would wait until the twins were born. But when the kids were born, they looked just like me.”

Pressil then received a strange receipt in the mail for sperm cryopreservation from the Advanced Fertility Center of Texas. That's where he discovered Burnett had been taking his sperm: "She was taking [the semen in condoms] after the fact and running down to the clinic with it,” said Jason Gibson, who is representing Pressil in the lawsuit. Pressil confronted his ex, who according to him said, "Oh you're not stupid. I thought you knew."

Gibson calls it a case of theft: "If they've got him listed as a patient they need his consent to do anything. They violated their own policies and procedures by not getting that consent." Pressil currently has joint custody with Burnett, but plans to fight for full custody now "because of all her scandalous ways."