Fed up with lying prone and taking one frivolous lawsuit after another, the Penthouse Executive Club has started going on the litigatory offensive lately. Today, the Manhattan strip club apparently thinks its ladies should be paid and is now suing a man who has allegedly racked up an unpaid $46,000 tab at the Manhattan strip club.

James Clooney, of Oyster Bay, allegedly owes the strip club $46,698, which he spent on alcohol, steaks and private time with the club's stable of strippers, according to court papers. Clooney was a "frequent patron" of the club from at least May 2008 till last December, and was afforded the respect that such a very frequent patron would merit. But besides "some small partial payments from time to time," Clooney has refused to fully pay his tab. Now he faces the wrath of the club: besides the money he owes, his name will now be Google-synonymous with the Penthouse Executive Club for the time being. But he can always pay it forward, and try suing Google, because that always works.