Yesterday, it was revealed that a 27-year-old man was arrested for allegedly drugging and raping a woman in early April. Sean Ahern was charged with third-degree rape and facilitating a sex offense with a controlled substance. But he says he's innocent.

Apparently the victim, a Columbia dental student, had met Ahearn on an online dating site and then met him in person at the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park on April 7. The Post had reported, "Ahearn paid for the pricey room with a credit card and escorted his date upstairs, sources said. Once inside the room, Ahearn allegedly slipped liquid ecstasy into her drink, causing her to black out, police sources said. Further, the sources think he may have used another drug to knock her out."

Now it turns out that the victim had breakfast with Ahearn the next day, after waking up and feeling "like sh-t." The Post now says, "She waited several days to get a rape kit and toxicology test at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, the source said." Later, with the police listening in, called Ahearn, who admitted drugging her. According to the criminal complaint, Ahearn told police, "Yes I gave her liquid X," but said the sex was consensual.

Ahearn was arrested on Saturday and released on $10,000 bail on Monday. In a Facebook post, Ahern, who lives on Long Island, wrote, "Worst weekend of my entire life. I guess I might be a little naive but after someone tells you they love you and you have nothing but good times with them for them to come out and lie on you, set you up and try to and could possibly ruin my entire life if I didn't have all the evidence I luckily have.. and even still innocent people goto jail all the time so please say a prayer for me..Still in shock just going to continue to have faith that everything happens for a reason and everything will work out. Totally blindsided by this. They know in their heart this did not happen, why would it happen what would my motive be? What would I have to gain? I'm guessing some little weasel got in your head and got you to believe this if you honestly don't remember < / 3"