More details have emerged about Raymond Roth, the Long Island man suspected of faking his own drowning last weekend, and they make him out to be quite the gentleman. Roth, who was presumed to be drowned after a trip to Jones Beach before being pulled over cops in South Carolina on Thursday, seems to have been raised from the dead even more, reportedly sending wife Evana Roth threatening messages for exposing him.

Evana held a press conference yesterday outing Roth for faking his death in order to collect life insurance, which he'd tripled not long before disappearing; prior to the conference, Roth started sending her an onslaught of texts and phone calls, including one boozy call from a bar in North Carolina Friday morning saying his disappearing act was meant to help Evana, not hurt her. "It didn't work out as I thought it would," Roth reportedly told her. "I did it for you." And they say chivalry is dead!

Sadly, that display of everlasting love didn't charm Evana enough to call off the conference, and so it seems Roth was forced to take things to a more menacing level. He sent her a text message yesterday morning that insinuated he was watching their house, writing, "The place looks a little crowded, I just drove by. Call me please," in addition to a text urging her to "be nice" about him at the conference.

Evana also found emails on step-son Jonathan Roth's computer from Roth calling her an "a-hole," and told reporters, "I'm afraid he's going to come after me because I'm the one who found out he was alive." Evana's lawyer told the Daily News that Roth's disappearance is a "matrimonial" matter, so it seems the happy couple will have to find a way to duel it out in or out of court, and if those crazy kids can't make it, who will?