On Tuesday night, a truck crashed into a utility pole in Bellmore, Long Island. When the EMT responded, the driver, Jason Beller, opened fire on them, hitting 20-year-old EMT volunteer and firefighter Justin Angell in the back. Nassau County police eventually shot Beller dead, and yesterday they announced they found an arsenal in the truck and various weapons on Beller himself. Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey said, "It is clear to us that this man was out to commit mayhem in this county last night, and he happened to run into that pole and he committed that mayhem on this young firefighter."

According to Newsday, authorities found "three assault-style weapons and a .357 Magnum revolver," which "strongly suggested he planned violence." Beller used an assault rifle to shoot Angell—Fire Chief Robert Taylor said, "It was crazy. There were gunshots going off everywhere. It was insane"—and after Angell was dragged to safety, Mulvey says that a police officer was approaching Beller "noticed the laser sights of a firearm, of a long rifle, honing in on him."

The officer circled around the back of the pickup truck, gun drawn, seeking protection from the gunfire. Seconds later, two Seventh Precinct patrol officers pulled up. They sought cover behind their cars, one of them returning fire at Beller.

As Beller continued spraying bullets, the K-9 officer ran to the passenger side of the truck and fired several times at close range through the closed passenger window, killing Beller. The gunfire lasted less than 90 seconds.

Beller fired at least eight rounds from a black pistol-grip assault rifle with a banana clip, police said. A lever-action .338 rifle was found strapped to his chest.

An automatic pistol was in one pocket and a fully loaded .357 Magnum with a long barrel was in Beller's lap. He also wore on his left forearm an armband carrying bullets, police said. Two other loaded guns were within reach in the truck, along with a child's car seat, several beers and prescription pill bottles, police said.

Beller's family apologized to Angell and said Beller was "troubled." His neighbors told WABC 7 that the 31-year-old Commack resident was anti-social, with one saying, "I'm not surprised. I was thinking to myself, he's really strange."

Angell is recovering from his injuries. And the feds are investigating how Beller got the weapons.