With all four of the bodies found on the same quarter-mile stretch off the Ocean Parkway identified as women—if not actually identified—Suffolk County police now seem to be ramping up their hunt for a serial killer. Yesterday they stormed the house of Joseph Brewer, one of the last people to see 24-year-old Jersey City prostitute Shannon Gilbert back on May 1 (though, note that preliminarily none of the bodies appear to be her). Police eventually ended up taking Brewer's SUV and securing his home. Today they started another search to make sure they didn't miss any bodies nearby (closing off part of Ocean Parkway in the process).

But with little to go on beyond the bare facts, how do the local media cover the possibility of another Long Island serial killer? Why, interview other serial killers, for one!

The News yesterday caught up with Long Island serial killer Joel Rifkin, currently serving a life sentence for killing 17 prostitutes over a four year spree. And for what it is worth, beyond talking about his glory days Rifkin is not impressed by the new guy. He points out that he at least "dumped [his victims] hundreds of miles apart." Which leads right into the Post's brief story on how most serial killers don't like to leave their bodies in the same place.

Meanwhile, rather than speculate, the Times went and found folks who could speculate for them about how the cops and Feds are most likely going about their business. Most of which, if you've ever watched a police procedural, you can probably guess.