The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against a Long Island company after several employees complained that superiors forced them to pray, thank God for having jobs, and say "I love you" to coworkers and managers. And it's all because of a belief system known as "Onionhead"—in which worshippers follow neither Walter Matthau nor real onions, but rather...a cartoon onion.

The discrimination lawsuit has been filed against United Health Programs of America and its parent company, Cost Containment Group. It seems that Onionhead, aka Harnessing Happiness, was created about 20 years ago by a family member of the company owner. "Onionhead related religious practices...have included praying, reading spiritual texts, discussing personal matters with colleagues and management, burning candles, and keeping dim lighting in the workplace," asserts the suit, filed Wednesday in Long Island Federal Court.

Here's who an Onionhead is, according to the official Harnessing Happiness website:

It is not what is Onionhead - it is who is Onionhead? Onionhead is this incredibly pure, wise and adorable character who teaches us how to name it - claim it - tame it - aim it. Onion spelled backwards is ‘no-i-no’. He wants everyone to know how they feel and then know what to do with those feelings. He helps us direct our emotions in a truthful and compassionate way. Which in turn assists us to communicate more appropriately and peacefully. In turn, we then approach life from a place of our wellness rather than a place of our wounds.

His motto is: peel it - feel it - heal it

Onionhead doesn't describe itself as a religion, but rather as a "nonprofit dedicated to teaching problem solving skills, conflict resolution and appropriate behavior through emotional awareness. We deal with the issues that are plaguing our society from cradle to grave."

The three employees, Elizabeth Ontaneda, Francine Pennisi and Faith Pabon, say they refused to attend one-on-one sessions with Denali Jordan, who allegedly is the leader of Onionhead practices at the company, to discuss "divine plans" and "moral codes." Pennisi claims that after she spoke out at a meeting, saying she was Catholic, her desk was moved and in her place was a large statue of Buddha.

Jordan told the News that she was an independent consultant to Cost Containment and denied all the charges: "This [complaint] has been going on for years and it is based on untruths and money," she said. "The EEOC just likes going after companies and causing problems. There will be something good that comes from this that helps others. It hurts my soul ... From my heart to yours, thank you for calling," she added.