The case of the possible LI serial killer continues to develop. After the remains of four bodies were found this weekend on a quarter-mile stretch of brush off the shoulder of Ocean Parkway near Babylon, the police undertook a massive search for more yesterday. No other remains were found, but the proximity of the first four, all of which were female, has the police seeing a connection—and calling in the FBI. Meanwhile, the papers are already calling this another Craigslist killer.

Police said the bodies were dumped separately over a period of up to two years and were severely decomposed. While the Suffolk County cops have not positively identified any of them yet, the Post has gone and decided to identify two of the victims for them. The paper says that one is Megan Waterman, 22, a Maine resident who disappeared in Suffolk Count in June after coming to Long Island to meet up with a john she met on Craigslist. That she came over state borders is part of the reason why the FBI is getting involved.

The other body the Post IDs as Shannon Gilbert, 24, a Jersey City prostitute who placed a 911 call on May 1, the day she disappeared, screaming that her client was trying to kill her. Police have repeatedly questioned the man Gilbert had last been with, who lives not far from the beach where the bodies were found, but he has stuck with his story that after a few hours she became agitated and left. Gilbert's disappearance was what led to the bodies being discovered in the first place. The Daily News, however, disagrees with their rival's identification. Their sources say most likely none of the bodies are Gilbert's.

All of which is to say, right now this is the kind of case that offers many more questions than it does answers. Whether or not this is another Craigslist killer, a series of unrelated body dumpings, or somehow related to the possible Atlantic City serial killer—it is simply too soon to tell. We hope though, for the sake of the victims families especially, that we find out soon enough.