A JetBlue security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport's Terminal B was on lockdown for about 20 minutes this morning after two people wandered through a designated exit into the terminal, completely bypassing security, according to the TSA.

A spokeswoman for the TSA said that two people passed by clearly-marked signage indicating that the area was off limits and ended up in the terminal stairwell area that's meant for people who have already been screened. Both people—the TSA couldn't confirm age or gender—were apparently rushed out of the typically-secure area within 20 seconds.

The incident took place around 8:45 this morning and though the actual breach was brief, TSA says it took until about 9:15 to get security lines moving again—plenty of time for a sizeable passenger backlog to form.

Earlier this month, travelers cheering for the Olympics prompted a false-alarm active shooter threat at JFK Airport. Two terminals were evacuated, and Governor Cuomo subsequently ordered an interdepartmental review of how the Port Authority responds to threats and security breaches.