According to urine and blood samples tested, former Yankee Jim Leyritz apparently was not drinking earlier in the week when a Breathalyzer device installed in his car malfunctioned and said that he was. The failed test set the 1996 World Series hero off and led him to tell his wife, "Maybe it's better to end it all than go through this hassle." Leyritz's "hassle" stems from pending manslaughter chargers after running a red light and killing another driver while under the influence in 2007. Leyritz denies that he was ever considering suicide, telling the Daily News, "Aside from the pending trial I have a lot of other stress in my life. I can't provide for my family anymore. My brother-in-law has ALS, my children, friends and family are suffering." Leyritz has recently claimed that the victim of the DUI accident was the one who went through a red light and was also drunk. Last year Isiah Thomas accused police of a coverup after denying what appeared to be a suicide attempt.