Former Yankee Jim Leyritz was arrested once again at his South Florida home, this time charged with domestic battery against his ex-wife. He's accused of dragging Karrie Leyritz out of bed and pushing her to the floor because she wrote a check without his permission. However, like Leyritz's faulty Breathalyzer test in May, the details around the incident sound complicated. Police say Leyritz's ex-wife gave two conflicting reports, the other story being that the slugger punched her in the face twice because they were arguing over child support. Leyritz, awaiting trial for DUI manslaughter, told police that she was drunk (which she admits) and most likely hit herself to set him up because she was angry over being evicted from their house. One of their three children told cops he believed that this probably was the case. But Karrie Leyritz said of her son, "He's constantly hearing his father bad-mouth me. I can't control what my ex-husband says."