lateshow.jpgKelly Frank, a former employee at David Letterman's Montana ranch who was arrested in 2005 for plotting to kidnap the late night tv show host's newborn son, escaped from prison yesterday. After his arrest two years ago, prosecutors dropped the kidnapping-related charge in exchange for guilty pleas on three other charges, including felony theft because he was overcharging Letterman for painting done at his ranch. Kelly was sent to serve his ten-year sentence at a prison ranch.

Yesterday, while working on a crew replacing irrigation pipes at the ranch, 45-year-old Kelly escaped with a convicted burglar named William Willcut. A supervisor noticed at 4:20 pm that Kelly and Willcut were missing from the work gang, along with a half-ton pesticide spray truck. It was found abandoned more than an hour later off of prison property.

(Where we're headed this afternoon, by Vidiot at flickr)