Yesterday we mentioned the big Times Up memorial rally that was going on yesterday-- JibbaJabba already has some pictures up on Flickr. BikeBlog wrote:

We ride to HONOR those who have been injured or killed. We ride to RAISE AWARENESS that we are here. We ride to ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD.

In the US, cars kill more children and young adults than anything else.
10 cyclists per day are reported hit and injured by cars in NYC.
In NYC, on average one cyclist is killed every three weeks.
In NYC, on average sixteen cyclists are killed every year.

New York has no stated safety improvement goal.

Twenty-one bikers died in the last year in New York City. Some of these are preventable deaths. Many could be prevented if motorists just used some common sense-- staying out of bike lanes, checking before they change lanes, and watching it when they open traffic-side doors. The city government could help by enforcing traffic laws: ticketing cars that block bike lanes, creating more bike lanes, and keeping a database of all bike accidents so dangerous spots could be identified and fixed. Finally, bikers themselves should take responsibility for their own safety-- respect traffic laws and red lights, wear a helmet, stay out of dangerous areas and off crowded streets, and learn to signal so cars know what they're doing. Let's do something about this!