wabc_radsat_0506.jpgWhen we last wrote, Gothamist was looking forward to a warm, sunny weekend. We've been in a funk ever since we saw the weekend's weather going downhill. A nor'easter-like storm is bringing us substantial amounts of rain tonight and tomorrow. The rain/no-rain line is pretty sharp on this storm, with the rain being heaviest to our east. It is going to be windy, too, so an umbrella might not do you much good late tonight. The sun may not come out for mom on Sunday but the chance of rain should diminish as the day progresses.

Major divergence in the temperature forecasts for next week. The Weather Service says Wednesday will see a high in the upper 60s. The Weather Channel thinks it will warm up to 80. Yes 80. We aren't holding our breath.

Satellite/radar image from WABC 7