As much as we complain about the G train, we may not be giving the Upper West Side its due. According to the 13th annual Straphangers Campaign "State of the Subways" report, the C was the worst train in the city for the second year in the row. Though you're more likely to find a seat on the C during rush hour, it's dirty, performs next to worse on in-car announcements, and breaks down more often than the average line. Here are some other findings:

  • The 7 train won best train in the system the second year in a row, far surpassing other lines on cleanliness and frequency of breakdowns.
  • The L train tied for most clean, but you're much less likely to get a seat during rush hour.
  • Surprise: cars on the G train break down the most often.
  • The car breakdown rate improved 26% since 2008, and the car cleanliness rate is up 4%.
  • The J and Z lines had the best regularity of service.

The Campaign explains in a statement, "We often hear from riders and neighborhood groups. They will say, 'Our line has got to be worst.' ...For riders and officials on lines receiving a poor level of service, our report will help them make the case for improvements, ranging from increases in service to major repairs." The report counters the MTA's own report that says service is declining., but the Straphangers Campaign says they were only able to test three out of six measures "due to changes in reporting by New York City Transit." Gene Russianoff of the Campaign also asked the Post, “The subways got better in the last half of 2009. But how will they fare in the wake of tens of millions of cuts in 2010?" They should be fine with all the MetroCard fares they'll be rolling in.