The MTA's New York Transit Authority President Lawrence Reuter said that last Friday's West 4th Street subway station fire was caused by a short in a fluorescent light. Oh, yes, you heard that right: ONE short in ONE light. A dangling wire is what fouled up the commutes of thousands of New Yorkers and required a whole lotta firefighters and police officers. On the upside, it wasn't a bomb and no one was seriously injured. On the downside, it could happen anywhere!!

The light was located in a storage room on the mezzanine level of at West 4th; the FDNY recommends that wires be encased in a metal box or case. Oh, you think? Reuter said that crews would be inspecting wiring at subway stations across the system. You know, ever since January's Chambers Street fire, you'd think the MTA would have more, oh, pre-emptive fire prevention measures in place.