2006_05_fighterjets.jpgHa! It turns out a lot of New Yorkers had no idea what was going on with the fighter jets doing fly-bys over NYC skies yesterday, causing 850 calls to 311. According to AM New Yorker, the operators' script read, "These flyovers are part of Fleet Week and there is no cause for concern." And the Intrepid's spokesperson said, "It's just Fleet Week. Everyone knows it's Fleet Week." But that's the thing: When we think Fleet Week, we don't immediately think of jets in the sky - we think boats and sailors.

Here are Fleet Week activities - apparently there's a party at Webster Hall TONIGHT - with amateur striptease (here's the coupon). And thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's "why are there jets flying so low?!?!" post - Gothamist clearly needs to brush up on our Navy aircraft knowledge.

Photograph by Pro-Zak on Flickr