2005_10_wind.jpgGothamist feels so left out. Unlike many others, we did not smell the maple syrup from our Harlem apartment last night. We did, however, enjoy maple syrup on our vanilla ice cream. Coincidence?

Whatever the source of last night's odor, the weather conditions were perfect for its sticking around. An inversion layer, where temperatures increase with elevation, would have trapped the odor near the ground. The calm skies would not have dispersed the smell.

The wind is going to pick up a bit tonight so no syrup smells are on tap for this weekend. Tomorrow should be a bit dreary, with cool and cloudy skies. There's a slight chance of showers, but Gothamist is pessimistic that we will break the all-time rainfall record. Sunday and Monday are looking really nice – sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s. Great for the Giants game as well as for trick-or-treating and the Halloween Parade.