Mayor Bloomberg and the new City Council Speaker Christine Quinn joined forces to announce a five point plan for lobbying reform. The message is that the city government want to stop lobbying from, as the Mayor put it, "the next Jack Abramoff" (zing, zing, Republican party!).

The five-point plan (1) bans gifts from lobbyist to government officials; (2) strengthens enforcement of the lobbying law and double the maximum penalties for violations; (3) mandates that lobbyist disclose information about their political consulting and fundraising clients; and (4) creates an online filing system for lobbyists, enhancing the speed and accuracy of public disclosure; and (5) closes the gaping loop-hole that allows lobbyists' contributions to be matched with public funds.

There are more and more lobbyists coming to City Hall, and it doesn't seem like the City Clerk's office can keep up with monitoring the lobbying activities. Quinn also has a problem with lobbyists accosting City Council staffers before meetings, and tells the NY Times when she got back from a meeting, there was a lobbyist chatting up one of her staffers: "It's not appropriate for lobbyists to have basically unfettered access to the speaker's office."