2007_07_degrassihigh.jpgWe'd love to see a copy of the Department of Education's "Citywide Standards of Discipline and Intervention Measures." The Post reports that the DOE is revising various rules to toughen disciplinary measures for students who have "inappropriate" sexual behavior.

In the past, an unwanted sexually suggested remark, innuendo, proposition or non-verbal or physical conduct was subject to at most 10 days of suspension. The new rules would result in punishment possibilities such as an automatic 90-day suspension, school transfer, and expulsion.

The interesting thing is that while this rule would protect student from unwanted attention, it "also applies to heavy make-out sessions between consenting classmates." We wonder how the DOE will be determining whether it's a a heavy make-out session!

Update: Thanks to InsideSchools' blog, here's a PDF of the standards. It looks like this kind of behavior has been bumped up from a Level 3 (Seriously Disruptive Behavior) infraction to Level 4 (Dangerous or Violent Behavior). Other Level 4 infractions include bomb threats, causing a riot, and possessing controlled substances.