Friday's Critical Mass bike ride was one of the largest ever, not counting the one on the eve of the convention, and cyclists and police were able to coexist fairly peacefully. Gothamist supposes that's what happens when there's a helicopter overhead. Overall, things seemed okay, after threats by the NYPD that anyone obstructing traffic would be arrested. There were few arrests - mainly due to some confusiong in the 30s around Broadway and Sixth Avenue. About 40 bicyles were allegedly unlawfully seized by police at one location: Some bicyclists apparently locked their bikes up, after a few people had been arrested after some confusion on the route. Cyclists said the police had sawed through the locks, even some of people who might not have been part of the protest ride at all.

Amidst this current use of the Critical Mass ride to test one's civil liberties against the city, the real question is how does the Mayor feel about a NYC with less cars and more bike riding. Newsday asks this, and the Greenway project is mentioned. And during transit negotiations 2 years ago, the Mayor bought a bike, aka a "Strike Bike," which he gave to a 16 year-old.