Forget Henrietta Hudson-- the new lesbian hotspot is the second floor of Stuyvesant High School during 10th period (after 3pm.) Of course, that's only if you believe the slightly tittilating cover article in this week's New York Magazine:

Alair is headed for the section of the second-floor hallway where her friends gather every day during their free tenth period for the “cuddle puddle,” as she calls it. There are girls petting girls and girls petting guys and guys petting guys. She dives into the undulating heap of backpacks and blue jeans and emerges between her two best friends, Jane and Elle, whose names have been changed at their request. They are all 16, juniors at Stuyvesant. Alair slips into Jane’s lap, and Elle reclines next to them, watching, cat-eyed. All three have hooked up with each other. All three have hooked up with boys—sometimes the same boys. But it’s not that they’re gay or bisexual, not exactly. Not always.

We're betting that Principal Teitel is going to be shutting down the cuddle puddle effective immediately-- can any of our little Stuyvesant spies tell us what's going on? And for the record, despite the article's contention that 80% of the Stuyvesant female population is engaging in sapphic love, during the five years we spent at Stuyvesant High School, we never once witnessed any lesbian encounters. So please send in some pictures! [Related: NYMag has a brand SPANKING new website-- check it out.]

UPDATE: best stuy-related email of the day, from Jonah: "hey, f.y.i., back in the mid-1990s, when i was hanging out at what was then called BiGLYNY, the youth group at the gay community center, probably half the kids in the group went to stuyvesant. one of my friends snuck me into the building one day and i recognized what seemed like ninety percent of the students--gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. i always thought of stuy as more gay than your average high school, certainly gayer than the straight-laced private school i went to. now you know. xoxo"