Most people we've come across seem to have come to terms with, if not fully support and embrace, the passing of gay marriage in NYC, besides some Florida teachers, evangelical preachers, and crazy-eyed presidential candidates. Oh, and certain NJ bridal shop owners: a lesbian bride-to-be was scolded, and then turned away, by the manager of Here Comes the Bride in Somers Point, N.J.—"She said she wouldn't work with me because I'm gay. She also said that I came from a nice Jewish family, and that it was a shame I was gay. She said, 'There's right, and there's wrong. And this is wrong.' "

Alix Genter told the Philadelphia Daily News about her unfriendly reception at the bridal store. Genter had gone with her mother, father, aunt, a cousin and two friends of the family to try on dresses there for her upcoming marriage to her longtime partner. However, after the salon owner Donna Saber found out she was gay— because she'd crossed out the word "groom" and written "partner" instead on the paperwork—Saber refused to sell her the dress she picked out. She also left a voicemail saying that what Genter was planning was "illegal" and that "we do not participate in any illegal actions."

"I was devastated. I was crying. I called her a bigot; I told her, 'I am a happy person and you are a miserable person.' Then she hung up on me," Genter said. As Daily Kos points out, in NJ it is unlawful for a person to refuse to buy from, sell to, contract or otherwise do business with an individual because of the individual's affectional or sexual orientation.

For her part, Here Comes the Bride owner Saber did not deny any of what Genter said happened. Saber confirmed her version of events and accused her of "stirring up drama," arguing that writing the word "partner" was basically a provocation, evidence of a need "to show that she's different...They get that way." Saber also railed about women who would "experiment" with female relationships because "men can be difficult," and added that she "sensed" Gerber's father's disappointment in her decision to marry a woman. "It's a lot of drama," she concluded.