Yesterday, we told you about the sensational fight at a fancy Lower East Side vintage store between owner Richard Ives and a group of shoplifters that ended with pretty much everyone bloodied up after being thrown through the store's glass window. Today, Ives is out of the hospital and recovering from the attack, which left him with 70 stitches all over his body!

Ives says a group entered his store and began "acting strange," touching the merchandise and throwing clothing from the racks on the floor. When Ives told the gang he was calling the cops, "The next thing I knew, I was being pushed—body blocked—into the window," he said, adding that he was in shock as the thieves ran away. "I just looked down, and I was completely covered in blood. In my shoes, all over my shirt. I didn't really know where it was coming from. I could feel the blood dripping down," he said.

Ives needed stitches to close the wounds on his head, shoulder, arms and hands, explaining that "it was a pretty rough battle." Police captured two men and a woman who were allegedly part of the group and charged them with felony robbery and possession of stolen property, but they are still searching for the men who assaulted Ives. Other shop owners on Orchard Street said they've experienced similar problems with shoplifters over this past month.