New York! Sometimes it delights you with fun tales of condom-festooned subway trains. Other times, like now, it takes away fun places to hang out and replaces them with malls, which is what's happening to the Landmark Sunshine Cinema net year.

The NY Post reports the movie theater is getting the boot when its lease is up in January 2018. In its place will rise a shiny new mall, where you won't be able to see midnight screenings of The Room, or noontime screenings of Nymphomaniac with your baby. After the Sunshine is gone, exciting new retail and office space will rise in its place, according to the plans by developers East End Capital and K Property Group, who bought the building for $31.5 million. See you all at SIGNAGE?

Sunshine previously tried to turn into more of an Alamo Drafthouse-like theater, with booze and meal service, but was stymied by Manhattan's Community Board 3. The building housing the theater was on the block since 2015, and was facing its own demise late last year as well.

The good news, kind of, is that another Landmark theater will open at a retail and residential development at 625 West 57th Street sometime soon. Still, that location doesn't seem like it has the right environment in which to hang out in a park smoking weed with your idiot friends before seeing a late night movie.