Yesterday, a Manhattan judge gave a man convicted of groping and attacking women the maximum sentence of 25 years to life, stemming from an assault on a woman at her Lower East Side apartment five years ago. Greg Poirier, who is a Canadian citizen, was convicted of following a woman to her apartment in 2008 before pushing her inside and molesting her. He was caught using DNA analysis from blood left at the scene after the victim bit his hand, though he told the court that the blood came from a man in the Bronx who'd attacked him earlier that morning.

Poirier, a 39-year-old truck driver, has had a history of similar attacks on women, and is currently serving a five year sentence for a series of groping attacks in 2009. He is also both a Canadian citizen and a Native American, and used his heritage to appeal to the judge, telling her he was "a poor Indian" upon hearing his sentence.

"You can give me more if you want," Poirier told Justice Cassandra Mullen after she sentenced him. "I'm a poor Indian. Give me 25 to life, anything you want. I'm going to appeal anyway. Wow, man. This is America. Wow." Mullen replied, "This is America. People like you should not walk the streets." Poirier's case is one of a number of groping cases the city has dealt with this year, including the conviction of last summer's Upper East Side groper, Jose Hernandez, in June.