An enterprising young LES garage attendant has been accused of "borrowing" a customer's Range Rover for eight hours and driving it to Queens so he could clean his apartment. After all, it takes time to make your floors really sparkle.

Aneury Collado Garcia, 23, an attendant at the iPark garage on Allen and Grand Streets, allegedly took a Range Rover belonging to businessman Alexis Nataf on June 21st, borough-hopping home to houseclean. Nataf, 36, told Bowery Boogie he called the garage to have them get the car ready on the 22nd, and was told it had been taken out. "I thought they were joking so I went to the garage and they repeated my car wasn’t there," he told the website. "So I called 911."

According to Nataf, Garcia admitted in front of other customers and employees that he'd taken the car, returning it at around 1 p.m. on the 22nd. "The next day I went to the garage to speak to the manager. He took sides of the employee and said that he thought I had given their employee permission to take my car," Nataf said. Garcia was later arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle.

A spokesperson with the garage told the Post that Nataf had an arrangement with Garcia in which he would take the car out to get cleaned and waxed, and that he never drove the car home.

It appears no video footage of Garcia's alleged joyride was captured, but if it had been, it would likely look something like this: