Former Mets and Phillies star Lenny Dykstra just keeps giving. The eccentric slugger, who filed for bankruptcy in 2009 then sued the bank that loaned him millions, is still accustomed to a certain standard of living, which is why he recently conducted interviews for a new housekeeper. But it is so hard to find good help these days! According to TMZ, one woman who found Dykstra's job posting on Craigslist apparently didn't want it bad enough, because when the outfielder asked for a rubdown and stripped naked, she ran and got the cops. Then she hired high power attorney Mauro Fiore Jr. to handle her case.

This all supposedly happened in L.A., where Dykstra is still living in the $17.2 million mansion he bought from Wayne Gretsky. The place is part of the bankruptcy estate, and Dykstra is currently in hot water with the Justice Department for allegedly selling property that's supposed to be auctioned off to pay his creditors. Now sources tell TMZ the LAPD is investigating him for lewd conduct, and the Post reports that if convicted, he could face up to five years in a federal prison. Back in 2009, Dykstra said in an interview that people came for job interviews just so they could sue him and make some money, so you'd think he'd exercise a little more caution. Of course, caution isn't what made him a three-time Major League Baseball All Star.