Dan Patrick interviewed former Mets outfielder and currently financially challenged Lenny Dykstra; here are some of tidbits: "Dykstra says his magazine The Players Club is going on as strong as ever," "Dykstra said that people came for job interviews just so they could sue him and make some money," and "Dykstra said that he still has the house and the plane. But then Dan asked why was there no furniture in his house when HBO showed up with cameras. 'Just remember dude, everything isn't what it appears,' Dykstra said." Dealbreaker listened to the interview and added these gems, "If I have to live in the street I would," "If I have to eat grass I will" and "I only sleep twice a week. You caught me on my sleep day." Oh, Nails! Plus Dykstra said he's "absolutely" doing a reality show—we pray it's like I'm With Busey, with lots of Twizzlers.