The State Legislature's regular session is supposed to end today, but Governor Spitzer is trying to orchestrate a deal with something for everyone: Congestion pricing (which the State Senate seems to approve but the Assembly hates), campaign reform (Spitzer's pet project, which the Senate hates), and raises for lawmakers (which the Assembly and Senate love).

The NY Times reports that despite Spitzer's attempts to seal a deal before this afternoon, "negotiations on a wide range of issues have been so difficult that lawmakers are now expecting to return to Albany in mid-July." However, Spitzer's spokesperson said, "The fact that talks are still ongoing to us is a positive sign." Then again, Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno complained that discussions were at a stalemate and accused Spitzer of holding everything else "hostage" because he wants campaign reform so badly.

The Times-Union break outs the deals that are sure things, close (like banning violent video games) and stumping the panel. The end of the session is also chaotic, because there's a lot of fine print on various bills and laws. And a Rush & Molly mention of how horse owners feel about Spitzer's plan for state tracks (which is a "stumper") brings up a terrible image of Rosie O'Donnell in a bikini.