The stepfather of Nixzmary Brown, the 7 year old beaten and tortured to death last month, claims that Brown was a "devil" and that's why he had to beat her. Statements written by Cesar Rodriguez were made public: "With no intention of causing her death, I carelessly corrected my stepdaughter's actions. I took it upon myself to defend the safety of my other five beautiful children." Yeah, and that would be accomplished by hitting her head against the bathtub faucet? Tying her up to a chair? Starving her? Rodriguez and Brown's mother, Nixzaliz Santiago, were both charged with murdering the girl, and pleaded not guilty yesterday. NY1 reports that Rodriguez's lawyer even said that another person "was to blame for the child's death, but would not identify the person." And what's more, Rodriguez wants to create a fund for abused children - and wants Oprah Winfrey to help out!

In the meantime, Quachon Brown's father blames himself and his former girlfriend, Aleshia Smith, for their 4 year old son's death, who police believe was beaten to death by Smith's boyfriend, Jose Calderon. Calderon was denied bail while Smith was allowed $40,000 bail. And in more Administration for Children's Services news, a secretary for the agency was arrested when her child showed up at school with a welt on her face.