Is leftover change on your Metrocard bumming you out? It's bumming everyone out, according to the Daily News today. Ever since the MTA changed how it formulated the bonuses on pay-per-ride cards, from 20% (buy five trips, get a sixth for free) to 15%, New Yorkers have been accumulating Metrocards with unusable spare change on them, while the MTA has been absorbing that decent chunk of unused change!

The News talked to a couple frustrated New Yorkers about those nagging dollars and cents, and direct people to Jim Schwartz, who with friends created a Transit Calculator/Spreadsheet to help figure out what denominations to put on a card to wind up with a zero balance at the end ($4.50, $6.75, $15.65, $29.35, $31.30, $45, $60.65, $74.35 or $76.30). (NBC New York points you to the Metrocard Bonus Calculator.)

The News even stumbles upon what sounds like an ancient proverb, but could also work as an ad campaign: "They won't make a turnstile spin, but they're not exactly worthless." Then again, some of these straphangers could refill their Metrocards—or is that too "optimistic"?