LED sign at 79th and Broadway; Photo: NY Times

The NY Post reports that the MTA is removing a LED advertising screen from the R/W subway entrance at Cortlandt Street, after Assemblyman Scott Stringer said it would be disrespectful to have a screen so close to Ground Zero. Stringer said, "We can now ensure the anniversary of 9/11 can be commemorated with dignity." Gothamist believes in commemorating September 11 with dignity and it's great that the screen at Cortlandt was removed, but how is that different from the other advertisements in the area - including the other LED screens in the nearby blocks? Stringer, who represents the Upper West Side, has been railing against these screens since last year. He has even formed a website to inform his constituents of the stop-the-LED-screens campaign, Stop MTA, and gotten the screen at 86th and Broadway removed. Stringer, we're looking to you to battle the MTA and Clear Channel's outdoor division to get the screen taken out one by one - except the ones that give error messages, because those are kind of cool in this post-apocalyptic, overloaded-technoloical society way.

The City's preliminary September 11 plans.