Of course, LeBron James can't announce where he'll sign with a regular ol' press conference—he has to make a one-hour special on ESPN at 9 p.m. tomorrow. According to ESPN—which didn't even get the scoop (ESPN The Magazine did)—"ESPN would only confirm that active discussions for the special are ongoing. But sources tell Broussard that representatives for James contacted the network, proposing that James makes his announcement during a 9 p.m. ET special."

Also: "Those sources said that James' representatives requested they be allowed to sell sponsorship for the one-hour special, with the proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and that ESPN agreed to the proposal but had not been told what James has decided." The Daily News seems to be getting tired: "James' self-importance reached new levels of absurdity Tuesday night when ESPN confirmed [the special]," but adding, "The location had not been revealed, and that's a crucial piece of information since it is unlikely that James would announce he's leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers while standing at a podium somewhere in the state of Ohio."

The Post says, "There was speculation James originally was going to announce his decision at his Akron high school skills camp, which concludes today. The change to ESPN could be a better sign for the Knicks and Nets, but a source said James won’t be in the New York or Bristol, Conn., studios."

Sources are now claiming that Chris Bosh will join Dwayne Wade and play for the Miami Heat, which makes a LeBron-to-Miami scenario a little less likely. Then again, who knows?