With Shake Shack just not cutting it, New Yorkers are trying harder than ever to lure King James to the Knicks or Nets. The latest idea came from Twitter user newromecity, who asked the Mayor's office, "Can we change The Bronx to LeBronx? Pretty please, at least until July 1." Naming an entire street after Allan Houston worked!

Mayor Bloomberg also promised a strong sales pitch if LeBron expressed any interest, saying, "I love living in New York. My kids love living in New York. I think LeBron James would love living in New York," but added that he "would never pick sides" as to whether LeBron should join the Kicks or the Nets. Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic advocated for LeBron's staying put and totally dissed the city, saying, "Who the hell would want to live in New York?" Oh, we don't know, maybe everyone in Murray Hill who moved out of your state?

Of course, after yesterday's game, the crazy rumors on why they lost in the semifinals can begin! The most tantalizing of which is that Delonte West, Cavs guard and James' roommate, was busy sleeping with LeBron's mom all season! Deadspin has clips of the email chain:

The word from David Stern's office is that Delonte West has been sleeping with LeBron's MOTHER for a couple months now, and LeBron has recently found out. For some reason Delonte is still alive, but not for long - when Cleveland fans find out that for this reason LeBron wants out of Cleveland no matter what. This could explain Delonte's decreased playing time of late, and who knows - maybe why LeBron hasn't seemed to have his head fully in the game.

Before you get too excited about that "LeBron wants out of Cleveland" part, Deadspin says it's just a cruel joke meant to prey on LeBroptimists around the country. But what kind of sick monsters would make such a joke?!