liftoff.jpgPolice in Virginia captured the man they believe shot his friend while on a portion of the Van Wyck Expressway that is within JFK as he was being given a ride to the airport early yesterday morning. The arrest occurred in Richmond, VA and cops believe that the man they arrested took a flight out of New York after killing his friend, who died after being shot twice. 34-year-old Scott Richards was riding, with his girlfriend behind the wheel, when an argument with a 17-year-old passenger turned deadly. After shooting Richards, the 17-year-old, who is not being named at this time, demanded that Richards' girlfriend continue their ride.

The gunman, described earlier as wearing dress pants with a shirt and tie, forced the driver -- believed to be the victim's girlfriend -- to an airport terminal where he was seen catching a taxi or livery car.

Maybe we've been watching to many forensic crime procedurals on tv lately, but wouldn't someone who fired a gun in an enclosed space like a car be covered in gunshot residue? Isn't that something that would be picked up by the bomb-sniffing equipment they have at airport security?

(Liftoff, by vidiot at flickr)