2006_11_shakira.jpgHogs and Heifers and Coyote Ugly (the movie), what have you wrought? Twenty-two year old Megan Zacher is suing Calico Jack's Cantina in Midtown after she suffered injuries during a "Shake It Like Shakira" promotion. Zacher had entered the contest and danced on the bar, but fell and "shredded ligaments" in her knee. Ouch. And when she fell, apparently the staff said she "couldn't stay where she was." Double ouch.

The suit notes that the restaurant had a "wet, unprotected and unsafe" bar area where the contest was held, and Zacher's lawyer says, "Between people and bartenders spilling drinks on the bar, it's just not a safe surface." Well, it is a bar - bars weren't exactly made for hardcore dancing.

The bartenders kept serving drinks as many women danced, and Zacher's lawsuit (which seeks an unspecified amount of damages) says Calico Jack's should have warned participants about the dangers. And her lawyer adds that she only had a $3 margarita and just started a rum and Coke.

Here's the website for Calico Jack's; there's a picture of the Tribute in Light on the homepage - very classy!