082108paterson.jpgPaterson's starting to crack. The accidental governor's days often begin by hearing attack ads on his clock radio alarm clock, and he tells the Times, “I’m sensitive. My feelings can be hurt.” The ads criticize Paterson for his budget cuts, often with "ominous piano music, a stentorian narrator and a clear villain." That would be the governor, who inherited a big deficit sandwich when he took office. After reading the article, one can't help but wonder if he's cut out for this: "Every time I hear a piano now, I think the next thing someone’s going to say is that ‘It’s David Paterson! Devastating cuts! Children are going to go hungry!’... I’ve had to establish in the past couple of months that I’m not the substitute teacher. I’m the new teacher.” So stop leaving thumbtacks on his seat before he flips out and makes us all put our heads down on our desks!