2006_09_studdedcollar.jpgStrange mystery in the West Village: People found a corpse hanging from a fence on Hudson Street yesterday morning. The Daily News reports the body was "wearing all black leather, cowboy boots with spurs and a spiked dog collar" as well as a mask. And the Post writes the body of the 40-something man was "found kneeling, braced face-first against the fence," with the dog collar strapped around the fence.

Though people called the police after seeing the body, but other people who saw the body thought it was a Halloween display. Deli owner Indra Patel explained to the Post, "I thought it was a dummy. It looked like a dummy, because every year they do decorations like that. I was wondering why they put up the [Halloween] decorations early." Another said, "I'm staring at him and I think, 'Is that a prop or a real person?' ...He didn't look like a person. I think he had a black mask on; I couldn't see his face...I'm ashamed of myself in a way because, I didn't realize it was a human being."

The medical examiner's office will be conducting an autopsy to determine whether the man died from suicide or during a sex act.