The recently-concluded Democratic primary race had its moments of contentiousness, but most of it seemed to be between warring camps of supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. For all the tension the race appeared to have, no one went so far as to to paint their opponent as a scary un-American outsider. According to Democratic National Committee emails published by Wikileaks yesterday though, it appears the DNC was considering doing something like that.

According to The Intercept, in one of the 20,000 hacked DNC emails given to Wikileaks recently, DNC CFO Brad Marshall suggested that a line of attack against Sanders might be to press him on his religious beliefs:


A charitable reading of this is that Marshall was trying to paint Sanders as not "a real Jew," which is still gross and should be out of bounds for America's ostensibly liberal party, to say the least. A less charitable reading suggests that pressing Sanders on his religious identity, whether it be Judaism or atheism, is in line with old efforts to treat Jews like outsiders who can't be trusted and hide their real intentions from the nation.

Marshall, meanwhile, told The Intercept that while he didn't remember sending the email, it wasn't about Sanders, but instead was about a surrogate, which still doesn't really make it okay, or even make much sense.

Elsewhere in leaked DNC emails news, Wikileaks also decided it would be a good idea not to redact the banking information of anyone who donated money to the DNC between January 2015 and May 2016. So if you did that, maybe get a new credit card.