Earlier this week, the news broke that those reusable bags we've all be toting around, in hopes of bettering the environment, might not be so green after all. But despite Senator Chuck Schumer's investigation into the possibility of these bags containing potentially harmful lead levels, New Yorkers seem relatively unconcerned.

Tests done by Rochester-based Wegman's have revealed leachable lead levels at less than 0.1 parts per million. When asked if the risk would affect her use of such bags, shopper and environmentalist Elnora Cooper told the AP, "I’m not eating the bag…and I’m not going to get rid of it...I switched to reusable bags six or seven years ago to keep plastic out of landfills. I’ll keep using the one with the lead, truthfully, before I start using plastic again.”

A Wegman's spokeswoman added, "The eventual disposal of the bags is the only issue, from an environmental perspective."