Is everyone on vacation this week? It appears that the weather has pulled up a beach chair and is enjoying a bucket of pina coladas. High pressure is sitting overhead, giving us a mix of sun and high clouds. For the third day in a row we might not hit 80 degrees. There's a slight chance of showers tonight, but those are likely to stay north and west of the city.

A weak coastal low is expected to form tomorrow and bump up against this high pressure system. About all that's going to happen is that the daily highs will return to the lower 80s and we might see a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms. Once that low moves out to sea we're looking at several lazy summer days. Thursday through the weekend are shaping up to be mostly sunny with highs in the lower to mid 80s.

Since nothing much is happening here weatherwise, let's look at the tropics where things are a bit busier. Tropical Storm Gordon started out in the Mid-Atlantic, moved eastward and grew to hurricane strength for a few days and is now dying rapidly as it moves toward the Iberian Peninsula. A tropical wave about half-way between the west coast of Africa and the Lesser Antilles looks like it will be the next storm to develop. If it does gain tropical storm strength it will be a girl named Helene, but it is way too soon to know how she will behave.